Monday, December 31, 2007

UK vs. FSU in Nashville

In a few minutes, UK and Florida State will play in the Music City Bowl. Brad is a bit torn about his two favorite schools playing each other. As you may know, Brad went to FSU from 1991-1995 and he loves Seminole football. But he is a Kentucky boy and loves the hometown team just as much! He's pulling for UK today. Owen, Judd, and Wyatt, on the other hand, have no problems choosing a team to cheer on to victory. Go UK!

Family Photo - Christmas 2007

We had a different family Christmas photograph made recently. My parents are hosting a female exchange student from Hong Kong this year. The American name that she chose is "Stella." She is the fifth girl for my Mom and Dad (years ago they hosted another exchange student, Kayo; she was from Japan). Stella wants to go to college in the U.S. and get an art-related degree.

As you can see from the picture, she is pretty creative. Owen and Judd always bring an extra light saber for her when they visit. Because of their affinity for the Star Wars movies, Stella made sure that Christmas 2007 was remembered the right way.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Most Played with Christmas Present

I bet you can't guess what the boys (Owen and Judd) have played with the most. The BOX that their John Deere Gator came in. It's a bat cave with windows and doors. They have loved playing with it but if you know me very well then you know I'm ready to throw it away. I can only handle clutter for so long. I believe everything has a place and it should be in it's place.

This has been a fun and busy Christmas (with the exception of Christmas day). We had Christmas with the Glass Family on Saturday (22nd) but we had to go in shifts because Judd was contagious with strep-throat. This was the first time that Brad's parents have had to bring the kids home in the middle of the night (2am). Judd had a fever and wanted me. My little mama's boy! This is also the first time that any of my kids have gotten strep. I can't figure out where or who he caught it from. Did you know that babies don't get strep-throat the fist year of life because their tonsils aren't developed? I was glad to know that the baby wasn't at risk and luckily Owen didn't catch it.

We spent Christmas eve at my parents house with my parents and Brad's parents. My mom cooked a delicious traditional meal and the boys enjoyed opening gifts from Grams and Paps. On Christmas morning Brad's parents came but couldn't stay long because his mom had caught the strep-throat. My parents came for lunch but didn't stay long either. We are hoping the boys have some cousins soon because it was a long Christmas day with out family here to spend it with. We had dinner with the Goble family the day after Christmas. We have 11 great-grandchildren now so we rented a building and it was so nice.

I have so many cute stories of things the boys do and say. I will sit down and post them soon. I'm constantly amazed at them. Wyatt is growing fast (he's huge) and I think he will be able to hold his own with his brothers.

One quick Owen story....he told Brad that God is magic because they put him on that cross and he came back to life. Brad agreed. It's so nice when you realize some things you teach eventually sink in. Blessings everyone....more another day.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas

We hope you all are having a wonderful Christmas. I wanted to post some pictures of the boys for my sisters. Chrissy and Laura are spending Christmas this year with their in-laws and we miss them so much! This is the first Christmas that both of them have been gone and it's been sad for me.

Poor Wyatt. He looks a little scared in the picture above. I can't say that I blame him.

Above are pictures of Owen and Judd playing with their new Star Wars men. They especially like the General Grevous with four light sabers.

Saturday, December 15, 2007


Wyatt got his first shots on Tuesday the 13th. He was two days away from turning 7 weeks old. He weighed in at a whopping 14 pounds 3 oz. He is 95 percentile in weight, 50 percentile in height, and 70-90 percentile in head size. We have really enjoyed him and I am trying to savor every moment of my last baby. I hold him all the time and others think he's a bit spoiled.

Judd had to get his flu shot on the same day Wyatt got his shots. This was very traumatic for my 2 1/2 year old. Throughout the day he would fuss and tell us that his leg was still bleeding. He was funny. Brad went and got the boys a Star Wars figurine that morning to ease the pain. They have him wrapped!

Did you see that Merck pulled a batch of their HIB vaccine off the shelves? Yep, Wyatt got that vaccine. My doctor's office called but they assured me that it wasn't a big deal. There is always something to worry about with these little guys.

Beware of Portrait Innovations

What we will do to get pictures of our children! I made an appointment two weeks in advance to have portraits done at Portrait Innovations. On the day of pictures, I got up very early to get everyone bathed, the fed, and fed again. I talked my sweet aunt into going with me to help out. This was a first with three kids so I wasn't confident that I could handle it on my own. We arrived a few minutes early, loaded out of the van and went inside to be informed that we didn't have an appointment. The girl didn't even look to see if I had written down the wrong day (which I know that I did NOT). She just told me that they could get me in sometime after Christmas. I was not happy. They didn't care one bit. Others have told me that this has also happened to them. You get what you pay for. I will never use Portrait Innovations again. We were able to get in that afternoon (nap time) to The Picture People. I was happy with my pictures and Portrait Innovations missed out on a large sale!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Chubby Buddy

The Music City Bowl (UK vs. FSU)

In case you were wondering....we will be cheering on the Cats! Yes, even Brad.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


As of Monday, I am thirty-five. I can't believe it! I was 15 when my mom turned 35. I had a nice birthday. Brad and I were able to eat at Outback kid free. I even left the baby for a few hours with mom. It was a nice break. Brad and I enjoyed getting to talk without being interrupted and we didn't have to scarf down our food. Brad and the boys got me a parallel bible (NIV/Message) and a CD player.

Owen has decided that preschool is fun so I don't have to drag him into his classroom any more. I think he is making friends and feeling more comfortable with the kids. I hated leaving him unhappy. I know it was paybacks for me because I cried in preschool and kindergarden.

Well, Owen is up from his nap and demanding my attention. More another day.....

Friday, November 23, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving and Four Weeks Old

This is Wyatt on his first Thanksgiving and his four week birthday. He is such a sweet and content baby. We have noticed that he is much more alert lately and will follow objects with his eyes. He knows my voice and will sometimes cry if he is in the swing if he hears me talking. I hold him ALOT! He and I both like it.

We have so many things to be thankful for. We celebrated Thanksgiving at my parents home with my dad's family (his brother, sisters, cousins, etc.). We had about 50 people there and the food was yummy. This was the first time many of them had seen Wyatt.

I hope that each of you had a great Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Wyatt's Two Week Check-Up

My sweet baby boy was 11 lbs. and 4 oz. and 21 1/2 inches long at his two week check-up (he was about 2 1/2 weeks actually). The doctor was happy (and a little amazed) at his weight gain. We were at the doctor's office about 13 days prior and he was 10 lbs. He lost down to 9 lbs. 15 oz. when we left the hospital.

I am enjoying every moment. I know that this is my last baby (permanently taken care of) and at times I feel some sadness. I love the cuddly baby stage. I know that I can NOT go through another pregnancy. Could you imagine?!? What if my next one was 12 lbs.? Also, I'll be 35 in a week or so. We are still open to adoption if the Lord lays it on our hearts, paves the way, and provides the resources. Time will tell.

Are these kids cute or what?!? Our Life Group had a Halloween Party on the Monday I came home from the hosptial. I wasn't able to attend but Brad and Owen went. They also celebrated Owen's birthday. It was such a blessing to me because we hadn't been able to celebrate with them because of my pre-term labor and the craziness at the end of the pregnancy. We have three kids missing from the picture (Judd, Emily, and Wyatt). We also have two on the way. That will make 10 kids and 10 adults. It's fun but crazy!!!
I will try my best to blog more often. We still haven't settled in to a routine. I have a feeling things will be this way until after the holidays.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Wyatt Daniel Patrick Highley

Wyatt was born on October 25th at 7:59 am. He was 10 pounds 8 ounces and was 20 1/2 inches long. He is so precious! We had awesome nurses and they fell in love with him. It was great for me because I felt like we got extra-special treatment. I had a nurse named Susan two nights in a row and she told me that she had bonded with him. She called herself grandma to him and she took him with her to her little area where she did her notes so that I could sleep. She didn't even take him to the nursery. He just visited at the nurses station. What a blessing!
I've had lots of help since we came home on Sunday. My sisters have been here and my mom. It's so nice to have family. The boys have enjoyed getting to spend time with their aunts. Auntie Laura had to go home on Tuesday and Aunt Chrissy will go home on Saturday. The boys are going to be so sad (especially Owen).

Judd has done better than expected. He kept telling me over and over how much he loved me in the hospital. I hope that I'm confirming to him that he hasn't lost his place in my heart. I have room for three. He has been sick so he has been grouchy but I don't think it's related to the baby. He seems to be doing better today.
Owen has been the best big brother. He has listened so well and just enjoyed having family here with us. He loves running around with Aunt Chrissy. She has spoiled him a bit since she has been here. We have been so proud of his behavior.

Brad has been working some and helping at home. He's always so good with the boys. Even at the hospital he could take Wyatt and walk him and soothe him. The boys have enjoyed having him home more than normal. We both feel a little overwhelmed (and very tired) at times but we mostly feel so blessed. We are both so thankful for theses sweet little boys and for all of our family and friends that have supported and prayed for us. Keep up the prayers! We have our work cut out for us.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Final Doctor's Appointment

I went for my final doctor's appointment today. It's pretty bad when the nurses know your name without looking at your chart (I go to a very large office). The doctor had the nerve to say that he couldn't believe that I had made it this long. He really thought that I would have already gone into labor on my own. He also said that he really looked hard for a reason to do the c-section last week but just couldn't find a medical reason. I have lots of reasons to be thankful and I believe that it's all God's plan. I'm just at that miserable stage! For those of you that have seen know exactly why. I'm a sight.

Mom and I also had to take Owen to the doctor today. He is sick with the croup and he is soooooo grouchy. There is really nothing you can do except keep him comfortable with a humidifier and Tylenol. Hopefully, he will rest tomorrow and feel much better on Thursday when his brother is born. The pediatrician said to make sure and just have him wash his hands a lot. It's just that time of year.

The next time I post, will be after the baby. I'll be sure and post pictures.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Countdown Begins

My doctor hasn't budged on the date (original date from 6 months ago). Wyatt is scheduled to be born on Thursday, October 25th. I am so ready! My sisters will be here to help (on Saturday) and the boys are so excited to see them. I welcome the help. Owen is really excited to meet Wyatt but I'm not so sure about Judd. He is having some issues. We aren't sure how to handle him much of the time. We are tired. It will probably get worse before it gets better. He senses change is coming. We are going to just try and be patient and understanding with him. I'm not sure what is going on in his 2 1/2 year old brain. Today is his official 2 1/2 year birthday. Kids are so different.

We are down to one car. UGH! We have feared this day. The van hasn't had air for several months. We didn't get it fixed because it has so many miles and we were wondering if it would even work next summer. Now it's the only thing running. Lucky for us, it's starting to get cooler. We are glad it was the car that quit because we all can't fit in it. We need the van. We aren't sure what we are going to do. We figure we will be home for several weeks and then we will have to make some decisions. We may have to be a one car family for a while. We will do what we have to do.

I will update with pictures soon.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Jedi Knights

Everything is Star Wars in our house. Owen and Judd can spend hours playing with their Galatic Heros and dressing up as Jedi Knights and Darth Vader. It's really quite funny. In the pictures above my mom had gotten them brown sweat jacket hoodies from Gap. To Owen and Judd the are Jedi Jackets. They dressed themseleves. Notice Owen's PJ's under his clothes and his Spider Man Boots. The boots were hand-me-downs from my cousin's son Parker. They are only for playing in the snow. I'm afraid he will want to wear them every day. He and I battle over clothes. He likes to match with Judd. If not, he is sooooo picky. He wants shirts with collars and no stylish jeans with holes (just like Brad). It's taken me forever to get Brad to buy stylish jeans!

I'm ready to have this baby. I'm praying Dr. Owen will do my c-section on Thursday. The baby must be huge and I am extremely uncomfortable! I try not to complain.....I'm so thankful for these precious boys that God has loaned me.

Friday, September 21, 2007

We are all ready for this baby to come (ok, maybe not Judd)! I was fussing at Owen today and he immediately started praying for me. How convicting! He asked God to please have baby Wyatt come soon so that mommy will feel better. We want him to come as soon as he is ready. We hope it's before his scheduled date on October 25th. I am currently 34 weeks pregnant.

Judd knows all of his colors and wellow (yellow) is his favorite. It's so funny when they tell you something out of the blue and you wonder how they even know what it means. I got ready before he got out of bed one morning this week and when he got up he crawled in my lap. He asked me why I had my make-up on. He is so perceptive. He and Owen both continue to amaze me.

This was our second week of BSF (Bible Study Fellowship). It makes me feel so good that my boys love going! Owen went last year and loved every minute. He has learned so much from BSF and the teachers are so loving. This week I attached Judd's name tag and he looked at me and said, "Bye, mommy." It warms my heart that they want to learn about Jesus.

Friday, September 14, 2007

I've been inspired to blog....

After reading some blogs of friends, I decided that I would give this a try. The boys do so many funny, frustrating, and amazing things that I need to start documenting their antics. I'll try not to bore my readers too much. Like most moms, I can talk about my boys for hours without tiring.

Here is just the short version of what's going on in the Highley family. Brad is still working for the state (Environmental Protection). The boys can't wait for him to return home in the afternoons. They are obsessed with Star Wars and they love to light saber fight with him and ask him a million questions. Owen asked him what Darth Vader's middle name was? I'm glad we have boys and he gets the questions. Owen started pre-school this year. It's been hard on him and me. He fusses not to go (clings to me) and says the other kids are bad. I think he secretly likes it. He has a good time once he gets there and he is proud of all of his work. Judd is enjoying spending Tuesday mornings with my parents. He enjoys the one on one time while I do a little accounting work. He is a delightful little boy and we spend a lot of time laughing at him. He can name every Star Wars character. He is also 2 1/2 and can lose it at any given moment. This has been exhausting. I'll be glad to get to a new stage. I fear it will get worse when the baby arrives. I am 33 weeks pregnant and counting. I look like I could deliver at any moment and I get lots of comments when I am out in public. People are brave (especially men)! Wyatt is scheduled to arrive on October 25th and I can't wait. Brad and I are looking forward to having another sweet baby in the house.

As I figure this blog thing out, I will post pictures.
MY THREE SONS.....Owen, Judd, and Wyatt.