Monday, December 31, 2007

UK vs. FSU in Nashville

In a few minutes, UK and Florida State will play in the Music City Bowl. Brad is a bit torn about his two favorite schools playing each other. As you may know, Brad went to FSU from 1991-1995 and he loves Seminole football. But he is a Kentucky boy and loves the hometown team just as much! He's pulling for UK today. Owen, Judd, and Wyatt, on the other hand, have no problems choosing a team to cheer on to victory. Go UK!

Family Photo - Christmas 2007

We had a different family Christmas photograph made recently. My parents are hosting a female exchange student from Hong Kong this year. The American name that she chose is "Stella." She is the fifth girl for my Mom and Dad (years ago they hosted another exchange student, Kayo; she was from Japan). Stella wants to go to college in the U.S. and get an art-related degree.

As you can see from the picture, she is pretty creative. Owen and Judd always bring an extra light saber for her when they visit. Because of their affinity for the Star Wars movies, Stella made sure that Christmas 2007 was remembered the right way.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Most Played with Christmas Present

I bet you can't guess what the boys (Owen and Judd) have played with the most. The BOX that their John Deere Gator came in. It's a bat cave with windows and doors. They have loved playing with it but if you know me very well then you know I'm ready to throw it away. I can only handle clutter for so long. I believe everything has a place and it should be in it's place.

This has been a fun and busy Christmas (with the exception of Christmas day). We had Christmas with the Glass Family on Saturday (22nd) but we had to go in shifts because Judd was contagious with strep-throat. This was the first time that Brad's parents have had to bring the kids home in the middle of the night (2am). Judd had a fever and wanted me. My little mama's boy! This is also the first time that any of my kids have gotten strep. I can't figure out where or who he caught it from. Did you know that babies don't get strep-throat the fist year of life because their tonsils aren't developed? I was glad to know that the baby wasn't at risk and luckily Owen didn't catch it.

We spent Christmas eve at my parents house with my parents and Brad's parents. My mom cooked a delicious traditional meal and the boys enjoyed opening gifts from Grams and Paps. On Christmas morning Brad's parents came but couldn't stay long because his mom had caught the strep-throat. My parents came for lunch but didn't stay long either. We are hoping the boys have some cousins soon because it was a long Christmas day with out family here to spend it with. We had dinner with the Goble family the day after Christmas. We have 11 great-grandchildren now so we rented a building and it was so nice.

I have so many cute stories of things the boys do and say. I will sit down and post them soon. I'm constantly amazed at them. Wyatt is growing fast (he's huge) and I think he will be able to hold his own with his brothers.

One quick Owen story....he told Brad that God is magic because they put him on that cross and he came back to life. Brad agreed. It's so nice when you realize some things you teach eventually sink in. Blessings everyone....more another day.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas

We hope you all are having a wonderful Christmas. I wanted to post some pictures of the boys for my sisters. Chrissy and Laura are spending Christmas this year with their in-laws and we miss them so much! This is the first Christmas that both of them have been gone and it's been sad for me.

Poor Wyatt. He looks a little scared in the picture above. I can't say that I blame him.

Above are pictures of Owen and Judd playing with their new Star Wars men. They especially like the General Grevous with four light sabers.

Saturday, December 15, 2007


Wyatt got his first shots on Tuesday the 13th. He was two days away from turning 7 weeks old. He weighed in at a whopping 14 pounds 3 oz. He is 95 percentile in weight, 50 percentile in height, and 70-90 percentile in head size. We have really enjoyed him and I am trying to savor every moment of my last baby. I hold him all the time and others think he's a bit spoiled.

Judd had to get his flu shot on the same day Wyatt got his shots. This was very traumatic for my 2 1/2 year old. Throughout the day he would fuss and tell us that his leg was still bleeding. He was funny. Brad went and got the boys a Star Wars figurine that morning to ease the pain. They have him wrapped!

Did you see that Merck pulled a batch of their HIB vaccine off the shelves? Yep, Wyatt got that vaccine. My doctor's office called but they assured me that it wasn't a big deal. There is always something to worry about with these little guys.

Beware of Portrait Innovations

What we will do to get pictures of our children! I made an appointment two weeks in advance to have portraits done at Portrait Innovations. On the day of pictures, I got up very early to get everyone bathed, the fed, and fed again. I talked my sweet aunt into going with me to help out. This was a first with three kids so I wasn't confident that I could handle it on my own. We arrived a few minutes early, loaded out of the van and went inside to be informed that we didn't have an appointment. The girl didn't even look to see if I had written down the wrong day (which I know that I did NOT). She just told me that they could get me in sometime after Christmas. I was not happy. They didn't care one bit. Others have told me that this has also happened to them. You get what you pay for. I will never use Portrait Innovations again. We were able to get in that afternoon (nap time) to The Picture People. I was happy with my pictures and Portrait Innovations missed out on a large sale!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Chubby Buddy

The Music City Bowl (UK vs. FSU)

In case you were wondering....we will be cheering on the Cats! Yes, even Brad.
MY THREE SONS.....Owen, Judd, and Wyatt.