Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Judd is 3 and Wyatt is 6 months

I can't believe that Judd is 3. Time goes by so fast! I try to remind myself this whenever I am in the middle of chaos around here. Judd is 36 1/2 inches tall (25-50 pecentile) and 30 pounds (50 percentile). He is a funny little boy. He is still really attached to me but does great going to church. We are making progress potty training but he has a mind of his own. He goes when he wants but refuses other times. This is one battle I don't care to fight. Owen was so much easier but all kids are different! The thing that has helped us the most......I keep telling him he gets to go to Owen's room downstairs at church once he uses the potty all the time. This seems to be helping. He is so smart and makes me laugh a lot. This morning he came into my room and I was asleep on the bed facing away from the door. He woke me up by shooting me in the rear with his nerf gun. I didn't think it was funny at the time but it makes me smile thinking about it now. He thought it was hilarious. Owen just asked me a question as I was typing this and Judd told him not to talk to the white witch. He is obscessed with the white witch in Narnia. He doesn't like her. Owen said, "I won't talk to her." He smiled a big smile at me and said, "Judd is pretending you are the white witch." Judd then aimed the nerf gun at me and said, "I'll get that witch." Owen said, "Don't shoot her in the head because it's really our mom." They are so funny and very creative!

Wyatt is still a very BIG boy. He is 27 3/8 inches tall (75 percentile) and weighs 21 pounds 4 onces (off the charts)!!! His head size is also off the charts just like the other two. I hope they have some brains in those big heads! He was pitiful when he got his shots. Brad has to go with me for these appointments because I still have a really hard time. It breaks my heart to hear his sad, hurt cry. Wyatt is so much like Owen in personality. He can cry and cry and cry. He can throw an awesome fit. He is usually happy and sweet though. He tends to be happier when is brothers and around. I think they are all going to be close.

We are excited about getting the stimulus package around here. We are getting ready to start looking for a used van (Toyota). Our van has been great but it doesn't have air any more and it has close to 200,000 miles. It will be nice to have a car in the 2000's. It will be the low 2000's but we aren't complaining.

Sweet Brothers

Many of you ask me about Owen and Judd sleeping in the same bed. It's worked out really well for us. They are so close and I love their sweet relationship. Don't get me wrong, they still fuss at times but for the most part they love each other. Brad goes to work very early and he couldn't pass up taking this picture. We find them snuggled together in their sleep often.

Thursday, April 17, 2008


I get many questions from the boys. I'm sure I'll get even more when Wyatt starts talking. One of the recent questions was...What does "meddling kids" mean? How do you explain meddling to a 4 and 3 year old? They heard the phrase on Scooby. I tried giving several explanations but I wasn't convinced myself so I told them to ask Brad when he gets home. That's wrong of me, I know. Sheesh! What's a girl to do with so many boys?!? I bet I tell them to ask Brad many things. The benefit of having all boys!

We were driving to Frankfort last week so that I could get my hair cut. It was raining in G-town (slightly) but on the interstate it stopped and the sun was out. Owen asked why the rain stopped but before I answered he decided he knew. He said, "I know why mom. God worked his magic and made it stop raining." I love the minds of children.

The boys have been enjoying cans of FLARP! It was given to them by my brother-in-law (with my permission). A little girl brought it to Owen's school for Show and Tell. I figured it was okay if she had it. She's one of the most adorable little girls I've seen! FLARP is hilarious! One of my friends calls it Prozac in a can. You can't help but laugh when you stick your finger in it. It's called noise putty. I bet you can figure out the noise by the name. This is just another something you learn to get used to when you have so many boys. :O)

I have a really cute picture to post of Owen and Judd but I can't find the camera and Judd is calling for me to put Narnia on for him to watch.

Coming soon....Judd's 3rd Birthday (April 21st)
MY THREE SONS.....Owen, Judd, and Wyatt.