Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! I’ve not written for a few weeks. Several things have kept us busy. Wyatt got ear tubes after suffering through many ear infections in 2008 (he’s doing great). The stomach virus got us for a couple of weeks, too. At the same time, we experienced computer problems (for much of November and December). First, internet explorer quit working and it took a while to get internet access again. Then, a loud buzzing noise started soon after that. The buzzing lead to the computer shutting itself down – no warning, no kiss goodbye. The computer down-time meant that I had to use my mom’s computer to do my accounting work. Finally, because the sick computer was a little over 5 years old, we decided to replace it. We still are hoping to be able to retrieve our photographs off the old hard drive.

I turned 36 at the end of November. Time flies when you are having fun!

Christmas was nice as we had more people in town this time. Last Christmas, my sisters went to visit the in-laws. This time, Laura (Nashville) and Eric were in town. Eric’s parents recently moved from North Carolina to Columbus, Ohio. We are hoping to see them most holidays now since Georgetown is between Nashville and Columbus. Chrissy (Phoenix) could not travel as she is 38 weeks pregnant. Her c-section is scheduled for next week (January 7). I’ll have a new nephew and we are excited for his arrival. She, Kevin, and Baby Rich hope to move closer to KY sometime in 2009.

Owen and Judd had a Christmas filled with Star Wars (no surprise) and superhero toys. They’ve been flying around fighting bad guys for days. They’ve also continued to try to figure out why the bad guys decided to be bad guys. Why wouldn’t they want to be good guys after all? Wyatt got a Dora’s Farm Adventure musical toy. He wiggled like crazy when the music started. It was cute. He has a fairly cushioned posterior and it allows him to do some groovy dance moves. We’ve sang the same song dozens of times. “Let’s all go to the farm to see our animal friends.” I'll try to capture it on video and post it.

Brad has been having some “food processing” problems for a few weeks. He is scheduled for a colonoscopy on Monday morning, January 5. We hope to determine what the problem is.

January will prove to be an interesting month, I’m sure. I’m going to try to wean Wyatt. His mouth full of teeth is too much and he needs to chew elsewhere. I thought everything about the third baby would be easier. I was wrong.

Brad spent New Year’s Eve celebrating Brett’s 40th birthday at Boi Na Braza in Cincinnati. It’s a Brazilian steakhouse. He had a good time with the guys. The boys and I spent the evening with Ashley and her kids. Ashley and I enjoyed talking and the boys and Claire had a good time playing.

Brad and I are going to watch UK in their bowl game tomorrow. We think his mom is going to watch the boys. GO CATS!!!

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