Thursday, January 17, 2008

Busy, Busy

Sorry that it's been so long since I posted. I stay so busy it seems but I am truly enjoying the boys so much. I've finally got them all taking an afternoon nap at the same time so I have a few minutes to post and relax.

Owen is doing so much better in preschool. He still says that he doesn't want to go but he doesn't cry when we get there. He seems to really enjoy himself but he still has some anxiety. From day one, a little girl named Riley has comforted Owen. She is adorable. I'll try and get a picture of her before the school year ends. She is so nurturing and loves Owen. Her mom tells the teachers that she speaks of Owen often. On Tuesday the teachers told me that Riley and Owen held hands and danced. This was huge because Owen has never danced at school before and they've been dancing all year long. Also, they were throwing noodles up and play time and giggling. Ms. Ginger said that their laugh was infectious and she couldn't help but laugh with them. If we ask Owen a question about Riley he acts as if he doesn't know who we are talking about. He is such a little boy.

Judd is amazing. He has an incredible vocabulary and says so many funny things. I can never think of them when I'm posting though. I need to keep a list to jot down and have Brad keep a list. One thing he says funny is your. He says oars instead. He will bring me something like my phone and say "Here is oars phone."

I probably shouldn't pass along what they told my dad because it may say something about my lack of parenting skills but I need to document it for when they get bigger. My dad took the two big boys to see the lights at the Horse Park over Christmas and they told him that they don't always do what their mommy tells them to do. My dad told them that I should spank them when they don't mind. They told him that I did spank but it didn't hurt. I've been doing time outs!!!

Wyatt is growing so fast and he's so sweet. He has discovered his hands and he will sit in his swing, rub his hands together, and look at them. He also likes watching Barney with the boys and he looks too cute sitting in the Bumbo seat.
MY THREE SONS.....Owen, Judd, and Wyatt.